Separation of Mosque-Church and State‏

Source: September 2011 Alislam-eGazette This post is part of the Muslim Times’ campaign to demystify Sharia Law and diffuse the propaganda of the fundamentalist Christians and power grabbing politics of the Muslim fundamentalists, to liberate the free thinking moderates! Is Islam for Germany and Separation of Mosque-Church and State? Source / Courtesy: The Review of ReligionsOn […]

Demystifying “Shariah”

Source / Courtesy: Washington Post By Nasim Rehmatullah and Amjad Mahmood Khan Shariah is a misunderstood and misused concept. Critics of Islam frequently employ terms like “creeping shariah” to stoke fear amongst the masses. The Park 51 controversy and the increasing media focus on Islam provide an opportunity to educate Americans about the true teachings […]

Tribute to Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and Quran by non-Muslim writers

I invite all Muslims and fair minded Christians and others to make it an international repository about all the positive things and tribute that non-Muslims writers have offered about Islam, its prophet and its scripture. The Holy Prophet Muhammad had to engage in defensive warfare, but was very mindful of casualties on both sides. The […]

Muhammad: Seal of the Prophets

Montgomery Watt calls Muhammad, one of the Greatest sons of Adam. The expression, seal of the Prophets means the Greatest Prophet! According to Karen Armstrong, “Mahound’s fictional status in the West has perhaps made it even more difficult for people to see him as an historical character who deserves the same serious treatment as Napoleon, […]

Pan African Dinner, 26th November 2011, Ahmadiyya Muslims celebrate African Independence

On 26 November 2011, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat celebrated the Golden Anniversary of the Independence of Cameroon, Sierra Leone and Tanzania in an event organised by the Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK. Dignitaries representing a number of African countries attended the function that took place at the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden, Surrey. The highlight […]

How Europe came to forget about its Arabic heritage.

BY ABDUL HAQ COMPIER Source / Courtesy: January 2011, Alislam-eGazette Summary: Traditional education about Western civilisation tells the story of how around 1500, Greek texts recovered the lost memory of Europe’s Greek and Roman past and unleashed an era of progress in science and civilisation called the Renaissance. In fact, the progress in civilisation had begun in […]

Khalifatul Masih V, International leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community recommending an Italian Author

Khalifatul Masih V, International leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Hudhur) quoted from a book by Prof. Laura Veccia Vaglieri, in a recent Friday sermon and highly applauded it.  The book is titled, An interpretation of Islam.  He said in this sermon among other things: An Italian professor, Laura Veccia Vaglieri writes that slavery has been around ever since human civilisation […]

Journey of Man: A Genetic Odessy

By Spencer Wells DNA is more than 99% similar among all humans, so all claims for discrimination, like caste system, polygenetic theory of human origin or some people being the ‘chosen people’ are only self indulgence.  There is very little difference in the intellectual abilities of different races or families.  The Journey of Man is a documentary […]

Islamic contributions to Medieval Europe

Most of the information here is reproduced from Wikipedia, just to ensure longevity of this information.  I was happy to note today that my effort was worthwhile, as the original article has been trimmed, since I copied it almost a year ago.  More specifically, the section of Law has been taken out from the new […]

The Gospel of Matthew: the most Jewish gospel

This popular Google-knol was first written in May of 2010. It is one of the four canonical Gospels and is perhaps the most Jewish of all the Gospels with maximum stress on following the Jewish Law. It was written around 80 AD about ten years after the Gospel of Mark. According to Encyclopedia Britannica: “It […]

The Thamud: Petra and Madain Salih

This popular Google-knol was first written in March of 2010 Thamud or the Nabataeans were known for hewing houses in mountains. Madain Salih and Petra are ruins of their civilization. Madain Salih (Dedan) is in Saudi Arabia and is known in the European literature as Hegra derived from Al-Hijr. It was once inhabited by the […]

GE takes partnership route for long-term gains in China

Technology and commercial partnerships between US businesses and Chinese enterprises can benefit both nations, said Mark Hutchinson, president and chief executive officer of General Electric Co (GE) China. According to Hutchinson, such partnerships will help create jobs, spur innovation and expand markets for both nations. GE, the world’s biggest maker of power generation equipment and […]

What is Morality?

Source / Courtesy: Muslim Sunrise By Lubna Roohi Malik The Holy Qur’an lays out three basic states of man. These three states separate man from animals and spiritual men from moral men. These three states are: the natural state, the moral state, and the spiritual state. Man begins in the base, natural state, where he […]

Jesus is loved by Muslims, too, during the holiday season

Source / Courtesy: By SAADIA FARUQI Guest Columnist | Growing up in a Catholic convent school in a Muslim country I remember being immersed in the spirit of Christmas every year. My American-born children growing up in a multi-cultural environment in Houston have similar opportunities to learn about this prevalent holiday – albeit more […]

Extremism, Part of Our Blood: A Pakistani showing mirror to the fellow citizens

Source: Taciturn’s Blog We, as a nation, have something more in our blood than mere ‘red cells’, ‘white cells’ and ‘platelets’. As a matter of fact the laboratory of ‘sanity and justice’ carried a blood test of the nation which discovered an additional element in our blood. This malicious element running in our veins affects […]

The New Testament: How was it compiled?

With 1.5 to 2 billion fellow humans professing to be Christians, this subject is deserving of our special attention. President George W. Bush shocked some evangelical Christians, towards the end of his Presidency by suggesting that the Bible is not ‘literally true.’ At one time in history, majority of the Christians were literalist and took […]

The Bible: History, Strength and Weaknesses!

Modern scholarship is confirming every thing that the Holy Quran said about the Bible 1400 years ago. This is a collection of more than 20 articles and several video clips. Let me lay down a few quick facts about the Bible in the very beginning.  The Sheperd of Hemas was part of the canon for centuries […]

The Old Testament: How was it compiled?

Surely, We sent down the Torah wherein was guidance and light. By it did the Prophets, who were obedient to Us, judge for the Jews, as did the godly people and those learned in the Law; for they were required to preserve the Book of Allah, and because they were guardians over it. (Al Quran […]

Bill Gates envisions nuclear future for China

Source / Courtesy: China Daily BEIJING / WASHINGTON – Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates confirmed on Wednesday that a company he helped found is cooperating on the development of a new type of nuclear reactor in China. “TerraPower is working on what we call Generation-4 nuclear energy. And the idea is to be very low-cost, very […]

Bar-Hebraeus and Nature of Jesus

According to Encyclopedia Britannica: Motivated toward scholarly pursuits by his father, a Jewish convert to Christianity, Bar Hebraeus emigrated to Antioch (now Antakya, Turkey) and at the age of 17 became a hermit. He was made a bishop at 20 and an archbishop at 26, and by 1264 he was assistant patriarch (chief prelate) of […]

Hebrew Old Testament versus the Greek Old Testament: Septuagint, explains the glossed over story!

Greek version has several books that were not in the original Hebrew Old Testament.  The translated version into Greek is called Septuagint.  The word ‘version,’ is more fitting than ‘translation,’ because of dramatic differences! The following is copied from Wikipedia and details will follow in the comment section. The Septuagint ( /ˈsɛptjuːəˌdʒɪnt/), or simply “LXX“, is an […]


This article, by Dr. Khaula Rehman, in an earlier form was published in spring 2010, volume of Muslim Sunrise. There is no truth to the claim that Islam contributed to concubinage and slavery. These institutes existed long before the advent of Islam. The practice was wide spread in Roman and Persian empires, in Greece and […]

Allopathic Medicine’s long struggle with the Bible

In Matt. 17 Jesus, on whom be peace, gives recipe for casting out the demons: When they came to the crowd, a man approached Jesus and knelt before him. “Lord, have mercy on my son,” he said. “He has seizures and is suffering greatly. He often falls into the fire or into the water. I […]

Islam and the human soul!

And they ask thee concerning the soul. Say, ‘The soul is by the command of my Lord; and of the knowledge thereof you have been given but little.’ (Al Quran 17:86) These days I am listening to a Teaching Company course about consciousness, by Prof. Daniel N. Robinson, titled, Consciousness and its implications.  The Quranic […]

Thailand jails US man Joe Gordon for royal insult

Source / Courtesy: BBC Thailand has jailed a US citizen for two and a half years after he admitted posting web links to a banned biography of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Joe Gordon, a used car salesman from Colorado who was born in Thailand, admitted lese majeste, or insulting the king, at an earlier hearing. He […]

Clearing up Shariah misconceptions

Source / Courtesy: The Barrie Examiner By Masood Nasir, Barrie, Canada (Re: ‘Shariah law goes against our law’ in the Nov. 10 edition of the Examiner and ‘Shariah law all about control’ in the Dec. 1 edition of the Examiner) I hope you will give me a chance of free dialogue that we so much […]

Polygamy in the Holy Qur’an

King Henry the VIII and his six wives This is an article by Dr. Khaula Rehman published in spring 2010 volume of Muslim Sunrise. A picture is worth a thousand words, let me introduce King Henry the VIII to soften the righteous indignation of those who have only been told about the permission of polygamy in Islam […]

Atheists Who Go to Church: Doing It for the Children — Why not try Islam?

Suggestion for my Christian and atheist readers: Please read my posts under Islam, Christianity, Atheism and Religion & Science, for resolution of the conflict! Source of the news: Yahoo He probably won’t get down on his knees, but that fellow sitting near you during the Sunday church service just may be an atheist. And a […]

Islam and Psychology

A famous, almost legendary mystic poet from Punjab Pakistan, Bullah Shah wrote: پڑھ پڑھ علم تے فاضل ھوییں تے کدے اپنے آپ نوں پڑھیا نھیں  بھج بھج وڑناں اے مندر مسیتی تے کدے من اپنے وچ وڑیا نھیں … He says that you have read scores of books to become a scholar but have never read yourself.  […]

Psychiatric Drug Use on the Rise and Your Choices: How about a True Religion and Code of Ethics? A famous, almost legendary mystic poet from Punjab Pakistan, Bullah Shah wrote: پڑھ پڑھ علم تے فاضل ھوییں تے کدے اپنے آپ نوں پڑھیا نھیں  بھج بھج وڑناں اے مندر مسیتی  تے کدے من اپنے وچ وڑیا نھیں … He says that you have read scores of books to become a scholar but have never […]


The one day seminar on Dr. Abdus Salam was successfully held on 15th of May at Taleemul Islam Ahmadiyya high school Asnoor, Kashmir, organized by Majlis khudammul Ahmadiyya. It was no easy job to complete the whole arrangements of the seminar in so short time. But it was the grace of Almighty that the humble […]

Intelligent Design Movement: A Branch of Philosophy

This article was originally published in Fall volume of 2009 of the Muslim Sunrise the oldest Muslim publication in North America. Atheists are right in exposing the irrationality of the Christian dogma.  However, the Christians are right in as far as their claim that there needs to be a Creator of this universe, Who employed […]

PRESS RELEASE: World Muslim leader sends Message of Peace to Pope Benedict XVI

The Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has sent a direct message to Pope Benedict XVI calling for the Pope to use his influence to encourage religious tolerance and the establishment of human values throughout the world. The message was delivered personally by the President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Kababir, Muhammad Sharif Odeh, who […]

The Old Testament versus the New Testament

“And the Jews say, ‘The Christians stand on nothing;’ and the Christians say, ‘The Jews stand on nothing;’ while they both read the same Book. Even thus said those who had no knowledge, like what they say. But Allah shall judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they disagree.” (Al Quran […]

Afghanistan bombs kill 58 in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif

Source / Courtesy:  BBC The BBC’s Quentin Sommerville: “It seems this was a co-ordinated attack; it certainly seems to have a sectarian element” Twin attacks apparently targeting Shia Muslims have killed at least 58 people in Afghanistan. In the deadliest incident, a suspected suicide bomb struck a shrine packed with worshippers in the capital, Kabul, […]

Japanese creation myth and the accuracy of the Quranic description

Atheists are right in exposing the irrationality of the Christian dogma.  However, the Christians are right in as far as their claim that there needs to be a Creator of this universe, Who employed natural means to do His work.  However, both parties in their self-conceit are not listening to how Islam resolves their conflict; […]

Religion and Science: A Collection of My Articles on This Theme

A great number of those who grew up under Christianity are living under a broken cross and taking on agnostic or atheistic point of view.  Unfortunately, given the Islamophobia in the West, they never pause to think, if they have the wrong version of religion, poorly collected scripture and faulty presentation of Monotheism, leading to a shabby […]

Refuting Dawkins’ false claim — Einstein was a Deist and not a Pantheist!

Prof. Richard Dawkins in this clip and in his book the God Delusion, claims that Albert Einstein was a Pantheist, to substantiate his own position of being an atheist.  But, the fact of the matter is that Einstein, like the Founding Fathers of USA, was a Deist.  This should become apparently clear, by reading of […]

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta participated in President’s Charity Fun Run 2011

A record-breaking some 11,000 people filled the streets from San Anton to Valletta in the third – and biggest – the yearly President’s Charity Fun Run for Istrina that took place this morning. The aim of this annual event is to collect funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund. Funds are mainly collected from the €10 […]

The Gospel According to Thomas

To high light the importance of this gospel some scholars have labeled it as the fifth Gospel. The manuscript of the Coptic text, of the Gospel of Thomas was found in 1945, at Nag Hammadi. It was first published in a photographic edition in 1956. Three years later, in 1959, this was followed by the […]

The Gospel of Matthew: the most Jewish gospel

It is one of the four canonical Gospels and is perhaps the most Jewish of all the Gospels with maximum stress on following the Jewish Law. It was written around 80 AD about ten years after the Gospel of Mark. According to Encyclopedia Britannica: “It has traditionally been attributed to Matthew, one of the 12 […]

Why are Muslims more religious? A CNN Editorial

By Richard Allen Greene, CNN (CNN) – Every religion has its true believers and its doubters, its pious and its pragmatists, but new evidence suggests that Muslims tend to be more committed to their faith than other believers. Muslims are much more likely than Christians and Hindus to say that their own faith is the […]