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Separation of Mosque-Church and State‏

Source: September 2011 Alislam-eGazette This post is part of the Muslim Times’ campaign to demystify Sharia Law and diffuse the propaganda of the fundamentalist Christians and power grabbing politics of the Muslim fundamentalists, to liberate the free thinking moderates! Is Islam for Germany and Separation of Mosque-Church and State? Source / Courtesy: The Review of ReligionsOn […]

Khalifatul Masih V, International leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community recommending an Italian Author

Khalifatul Masih V, International leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Hudhur) quoted from a book by Prof. Laura Veccia Vaglieri, in a recent Friday sermon and highly applauded it.  The book is titled, An interpretation of Islam.  He said in this sermon among other things: An Italian professor, Laura Veccia Vaglieri writes that slavery has been around ever since human civilisation […]

GE takes partnership route for long-term gains in China

Technology and commercial partnerships between US businesses and Chinese enterprises can benefit both nations, said Mark Hutchinson, president and chief executive officer of General Electric Co (GE) China. According to Hutchinson, such partnerships will help create jobs, spur innovation and expand markets for both nations. GE, the world’s biggest maker of power generation equipment and […]

An Op-Ed in Examiner about Muslim Times’ news about the Pope

As our Muslim Times: A blog to Foster Universal Brotherhood continues to increase in visibility with geometric progression, other blogs are covering it. has an Op-Ed by Basiyr Rodney, St. Louis Islam Examiner, covering our news: Shareef Odeh , Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Kababir, Israel, meeting with Pope Benedict XVI‏ and presenting him a […]

What if the top one percent in USA were true Muslims?

By Dr. Zia H Shah The short answer to this provocative question in the title is that the elite 1% will pay Zakat, which is a tax on savings and property. At a suitable rate of taxation, Zakat will have the potential to fulfill all the essential needs of the remaining 99%. If the top one […]

China tops the list of overseas students in US

Source / Courtesy: China Daily There are more Chinese college students studying in the US than from any other country for the 2010-2011 academic year. China also remains one of the hottest destinations for American students studying abroad, ranking No 1 among Asian countries. The Institute of International Education and the US Department of State’s […]

Hispanics Reviving Faded Towns on the Plains in USA

Courtesy / Source: NY Times ULYSSES, Kan. — Change can be unsettling in a small town. But not long ago in this quiet farming community, with its familiar skyline of grain elevators and church steeples, the owner of a new restaurant decided to acknowledge the community’s diversity by adding some less traditional items to her […]

Mississippi amendment on 'personhood' divides Christians

Source / Courtesy: CNN Columbus, Mississippi (CNN) — In the Carpenter home, every meal begins with a prayer. Robin and his wife, Emily, are devout Christians. But they part ways with many other Christians over a measure that would expand the legal definition of human life. Their son, Luke, now 4 years old, was born […]

Arrest at The Sun spreads Murdoch hacking scandal

Source / Courtesy: Yahoo News LONDON (AP) — A journalist at Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun tabloid has been arrested on suspicion of police corruption, British media reported Friday, a development that spreads the taint of scandal to the country’s biggest-selling newspaper. U.K. broadcasters and newspapers identified the journalist as award-winning editor Jamie Pyatt, whose name […]

Up to 20 million tons of debris from Japan’s tsunami moving toward Hawaii

Debris from Japan’s tsunami approaching Hawaii. (KITV/ABC) Some 5 to 20 million tons of debris–furniture, fishing boats, refrigerators–sucked into the Pacific Ocean in the wake of Japan’s March 11 earthquake and tsunami are moving rapidly across the Pacific. Researchers from the University of Hawaii tracking the wreckage estimate it could approach the U.S. West Coast […]

Ahmadinejad slams NATO, denounces U.S. pressure in Middle East

Courtesy: CNN The outspoken Ahmadinejad has long been a lightning rod for Iran’s critics. U.S. authorities have accused Iran of being involved in a plot to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, Adel Al-Jubeir, in spring 2012. The alleged scheme involved a connection to the Quds Force, a branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard. A […]

Fareed Zakaria’s upcoming interview with President Ahmadinejad

CNN It’s midnight here in Tehran. My interview with Iranian President Ahmadinejad is scheduled for 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. President Ahmadinejad, apparently, gets up at 4:00, goes for a run, then goes to the gym. And so when he’s done with all of that, I will interview him. We’ve got lots of issues to discuss – […]

Hilary Clinton: ‘Militants have operated too long from Pakistan’

Source / Courtesy: Yahoo News ISLAMABAD (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday that extremists have been able to operate from Pakistani soil for too long, increasing pressure on Islamabad to crack down on Islamist militants destabilizing Afghanistan who are allegedly supported by the government. Clinton is in Pakistan heading an unusually large […]

MIT to host first forum on business in China

By Zhao Yanrong (China Daily) BOSTON – A Chinese student organization recently announced it will launch the first forum to focus on entrepreneurship in China at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology next month. The forum aims to provide a platform for Chinese students in the United States and venture capitalists from China to hash out business […]

US immigration for sale‏

Source: Wall Street Journal By NICK TIMIRAOS The reeling housing market has come to this: To shore it up, two Senators are preparing to introduce a bipartisan bill Thursday that would give residence visas to foreigners who spend at least $500,000 to buy houses in the U.S. The provision is part of a larger package […]

Muslim superhero comics meet resistance in U.S.

By Dan Merica, CNN Washington (CNN) – Naif Al-Mutawa anticipated a struggle when he launched an Islam-inspired comic book series that he hoped would become a symbol of toleration. He worried about the comics being banned in Saudi Arabia – which wound up happening, briefly – and he expected to be challenged by conservatives in Islam, […]

Ron Paul wins Values Voter straw poll

Washington (CNN) – GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul secured yet another straw poll victory Saturday. The Texas congressman won 37% of the poll at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, sponsored by the Family Research Council, a social conservative group. However, not all of those who voted for Paul in the straw poll were necessarily […]

Local view: Muslims must dispel growing fear of Islam

Source / Courtesy:  The News Tribune By M. Imran Hayee: A professor and director of graduate studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth. On the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, what can Muslim-Americans do to help alleviate their fellow citizens’ growing fear of Islam? Jihad! No kidding. The true Islamic Jihad, in fact, goes hand in hand […]

US insists on immunity for troops in Iraq after 2011

Source / Courtesy: BBC US defence secretary Leon Panetta has insisted that any US troops remaining in Iraq beyond the scheduled pull-out at the end of this year must remain immune from local prosecution. Talks are continuing for several thousand of the 43,000 US troops to remain to train Iraqi forces. The Iraqi government says immunity […]

Why did Michael Jackson have severe insomnia and what could have cured him?

National media constantly discusses all the medication Jackson was taking to promote sleep, almost to the point of general anesthesia.  But, they seldom pause to ask the question, as to why the world famous, successful and rich person had the problem in the first place.  I want to share a video about his illness and then […]

California governor signs law preventing male circumcision ban

(CNN) — California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Sunday a bill that prevents local governments from banning the practice of male circumcision. The legislation comes in response to an effort this summer by a San Francisco Bay Area advocacy group opposed to the practice to get a measure proposing a citywide ban added to […]