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Islamic contributions to Medieval Europe

Most of the information here is reproduced from Wikipedia, just to ensure longevity of this information.  I was happy to note today that my effort was worthwhile, as the original article has been trimmed, since I copied it almost a year ago.  More specifically, the section of Law has been taken out from the new […]

The Father of Algebra: Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī

There are about 750 verses in Quran urging Muslims to make use of reason to understand nature and thus reach their understanding of the Creator, in contrast to just 250 verses about legislation. The Holy Quran states:  “In the creation of the heavens and the earth and in the alternation of the night and the […]

Muhammad: the Light for the Dark Ages of Europe!

Cave of Hira where the prophet had his first revelation! An honest study of the causes of the Dark Ages and European renaissance will lead to the inevitable conclusion that Muhammad, may peace be on him, was the Light and the Messiah of the Dark Ages. John Davenport writes in, an apology for Mohammed and […]

‘Let the Muslim be my Master in Outward Things’. References to Islam in the Promotion of Religious Tolerance in Christian Europe

Source / Courtesy: Alislam-eGazette By Abdul Haq Compier Islam presents a policy of religious tolerance, rooted in teachings on the universal nature of man, his free relationship to God, and the divine origins of other religions. The prophet Muhammad separated his authority as a religious leader from his position as a governor, creating a religiously […]