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On 19 October 2011, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat issued a Press Release entitled ‘World Muslim Leader sends warning to Dutch Politician Geert Wilders’ (copy attached in PDF on Alislam.org).
The Press Release was based on a Friday Sermon delivered by Hadhrat Khalifa-tul Masih V atba , Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, in Holland on 14 October 2011. During the Sermon, His Holiness warned the opponents of Islam, and in particular Mr Geert Wilders, about the consequences of their lies and false propaganda about Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad saws .
His Holiness also used the Sermon to praise the efforts of Queen Beatrix to promote interfaith harmony and tolerance.
Following the publication of the Press Release, Geert Wilders who is the leader of the PVV Party in Holland took notice of its issue and in response sent the following three questions to Holland’s national Interior Ministry:
1.     Are you (the Interior Ministry) familiar with the article ‘World Muslim Leader sends warning to Dutch Politician Geert Wilders’ ?
2.     (Hadhrat) Mr Masroor Ahmad has said ‘ Listen carefully, you, your party and every other person like you will ultimately be destroyed…? What measures does the Interior Ministry plan to take against this Islamic organisation calling for violence?
3.     How is the Ahmadiyya community in the Netherlands related to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community worldwide and to (Hadhrat) Mr Masroor Ahmad?
In response the following answers were given by the Dutch Interior Minister:
1.     Yes (I am familiar with the article).
2.     According to the Press Release, (Hadhrat) Mr Masroor Ahmad said that such people or groups are not destroyed by violence or other secular activities, but through prayer. In the remarks I see nothing that incites or calls for violence, so I see little cause for any action against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.
3.     The Dutch Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is part of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.
(These responses were reported by the Nieuws Press Agency in Holland on 14 November 2011.)
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat takes this opportunity to thank the Dutch Interior Ministry for fully studying the contents and context of the Press Release issued on 19 October 2011.
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat abhors all forms of terrorism and categorically rejects all sectarian or religious violence.
Whilst it is true, that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat takes every opportunity to defend true Islam, it does so only through entirely peaceful means and through prayer. It also condemns in the strongest terms those so called Muslims who misrepresent true Islam as a religion of violence and extremism.


Further Info: Press Secretary AMJ International press@ahmadiyya.org.uk


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  1. Shahina

    I am very thankful to the Dutch government to side with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and clarifying our intent in spreading peace without violence. Geert Wilder and his likes should take heed and refrain from challenging Islam.

  2. Muhammad Azimul Haque

    May ALLAH(swt) always protect Dutch people from all harm and keep them under his mercy and compassion. May he also protect and keep Geert Wilders from all harm, so that this serve as a sign of divine help. Aameen

  3. Maqsood

    Reply of interior minister shows the difference between sensibility and prejudice.We being the followers of “Mercy for Mankind”(peace be upon him) pray for whole of the mankind.Because of the teachings of prophet of Islam, we are bound to pray even for the transgressors.Hearts of the believers are very kind and tender for the mankind.Its divine law that whosoever feels ashamed and seeks forgiveness sincerely, he is saved.For Geert Wilder we can only repeat the words of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. We’d stick to those words in letter and spirit.Because we know that Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad speaks only with the permission and help of his God. The same God of Mohammad and Jesus.Peace be upon them.

  4. Mirza Ghulam Rabbi

    This proves that justice is a hallmark trait of the Dutch people which is why being such a small country had so much influence in the world. We pray that they continue to show justice and bravery in the face of falsehood and negative political pressure.



    Long live the Dutch government. As long as the Dutch Government holds fast to truth and justice, they will be under God’s protection. May they always remain under God’s protection against all harm, against all violence, against all falsehood, and against all disunity.

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