Hijab is Not a Halloween Costume

· Religion

Source / Courtesy: Huffington Post

By Dr. Faheem Younus: Adjunct Faculty for Religion, CCBC; Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, UMD

What’s common between the following Halloween costumes? A guy who painted his neck red, pretending to be a redneck, his friend wearing a white T-shirt which has “wife beater” written on it, and his friend dressed like a Hasidic Jew keeping a tight grip (literally) over a pack of fake dollar bills.

All three of them represent ethnic or religious stereotyping.

Keeping that in mind, what should you say to someone using hijab, a Muslim woman’s head cover, while going to “trick or treat” or a Halloween party? Bad idea.


For starters, hijab, a religious symbol of modesty for more than a billion Muslims, has already faced constitutional tricks. House bills in Oklahoma and Minnesota have attempted to pass legislation that would prohibit women from wearing a hijab for driver’s license photos. And Oregon attempted to ban religious dress, including a hijab, for public school teachers.

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