Why Israel should vote for Palestinian independence

· Israel, Palestine

Source / Courtesy: CNN

By Isaac Herzog, Foreign Affairs

This coming week, the Palestinian Authority intends to ask the United Nations to vote for Palestinian statehood during the annual session of the General Assembly. The Palestinian bid represents Israel’s greatest political challenge in years. Although the United States has promised to veto the resolution in the Security Council, it is likely that more than 140 countries in the General Assembly will vote in favor and grant the Palestinians the status of non-member state in the UN.

Israel’s current leadership considers the resolution a dire threat to the country’s strategic interests and has made it a top priority to limit the Palestinians’ diplomatic coup. But Israel could achieve its own desperately needed coup by doing what no one expects: voting, under several critical conditions, for Palestinian statehood.

There is no question that the Palestinian state that could be recognized by this vote would be far different from the one that most Israelis envisage. The vast majority of Israelis support a two-state solution and want a Palestinian state to emerge from bilateral negotiations rather than from a unilateral action at the UN. The proposal put before the UN, for example, could claim the 1967 lines as its borders and East Jerusalem as its capital. Such a resolution would render any Israeli presence within these lines inherently illegal and consequently make it harder for Israel to retain control over Jewish holy sites, such as the Western Wall, and the major settlement blocs, which bolster Israeli security and are generally expected to remain a part of Israel in exchange for land swaps. Palestinians will subsequently have trouble compromising on such internationally endorsed positions, and Israelis will find it hard to negotiate under such one-sided terms of reference.

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  1. Rafiq A. Tschannen

    What is the alternative to a ‘2 state solution’? Of course the ‘1 state solution’. And in the ‘1 state solution’ the Arabs are already in the majority. Therefore the ‘1 state solution’ is in fact in favor of the Arabs! If I was Israeli I would hurry up and give Palestine its full state!

  2. Zeeshan A Zakaria

    Our beloved khalifa the 4th had on various occasions discussed the Israel-Palestine issue in detail. According to his interpretation of various Quranic verses and ahadees, which I was listening during Ramadhan of 2009 (broadcast of his old Ramadhan dars of 1980s), Israel will be dissolved by the same Western nations which have created it in the first place. And it will have nothing to do with West’s sympathy to Muslims, but because Israel will become a pain for them. As for the occupation of the Holy land by the Jews, it was promised to them by Allah for a second time (and it is the second time after world war 2), at the condition of their obedience to Allah. And return of this land to the Muslims is also under the condition that Muslims of this land will become obedient to Allah.

    What Hudur also mentioned in a question and answer session, (recorded May 04, 1984), about these various Palestinian party’s fighting for freedom, in his own words “are fighting with each other for their local supremacies and feuds, and poor Islam is abandoned totally.”

    So in the light of the above, whether recognized as independent state or not, the problems of this area are not going to be resolved unless they come under the true obedience of Allah.

    Also, Palestinian Mullah, despite of all their other problems, when it comes to Ahmadiyyat, are in the forefront with rest of the anti-Ahmadi Mullahs to call us infidels.

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