Molecular Biology: A Checkmate to Creationism

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Sir Charles Darwin did three very separate things. There are three different aspects of his works that spanned over several decades of his life from 1809-1882. As we talk about him it is very important to focus on his three works separately.

His main achievement was that he convinced the scientific world that evolution had occurred and the different animals are closely related to each other and to their distant cousins the plants. This article,

Molecular Biology: A Checkmate to Creationism, pertains to this aspect of his work.

A statue of Charles Darwin at the Natural History Museum

The Second work of Darwin was that he proposed how evolution happened. He proposed that “natural selection” was the main mechanism behind evolution over billions of years. However, there may be additional mechanisms at play such as intracellular or genetic mechanisms.

Thirdly, Darwin or at least the neo-Darwinists suggest absence of any living will that controlled the evolutionary processes and their outcome. It is suggested that it is a totally blind process determined by chance alone and survival of the fittest.

This article covers the first aspect of Darwin’s work where we completely agree with him. Molecular biology is the best proof to establish common ancestry of all the 30 million life forms on this planet. Establishing evolution strikes a fatal blow to the dogmas of Original Sin and Atonement of Christianity. This is precisely the reason why in this day and age of information, 45% of USA population, continues to believe in young earth or creationism, to maintain their belief in dogmas of Christianity. To review the whole article go to: Molecular Biology: A Checkmate to Creationism.


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  1. Farah,mo


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    by Farah,M.O
    The crux of the new perspective is to point out if the Holy Qur’an presented information that can be assessed by today’s science or this respect the new e Book which is available for any body provides the ultimate proof of the incontrovertible evidence of how human and animals lives started from clay. the information provided is a new perspective of the biology of creation that differed in many aspects from that depicting Darwin’s idea about evolution’ .In this respect, a new biological organism is defined by name, shape and taxonomy and how it evolved as has never been known in the history of science.
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    The serial evolution that is accepted today in academies i.e. species were transformed from others e.g. fish gave rise to amphibians the later to reptile an those to birds and mammal which in turn gave rise to apes some of which reproduced humans is a crooked figment of imagination of some poorly informed scholars. Unfortunately this medieval science, an absolute nonsense, is taught in the academia without evidence supported by fossil records. In this respect all fossil records failed miserably to provide evidence of transition skeletons in support of the story of evolution so called “theory”. Many scholars including Darwin followed what was written by an ancient scholar ” Al-Jahiz” from Baghdad who suggested that species could be transformed into other different species. This idea was prevalent in the medieval times and was carried also by Scholars like Darwin and others followers . These people were caught in the fallacy of their crooked believes. There were no transition skeletal formations attesting to this as I mentioned earlier. Such transformation and transition fossils should be in the order of millions at the time when paleontologist as yet were unable to show even a few , not delving into cases of possible lab. data manipulation to support an idea. The reason is obvious: Vertebrate evolution never happened the way it is suggested. Moreover in their attempt to explain the relationship between humans and apes, Darwin suggested a common ancestor, however he was unable to figure out “which way was up”. You now have the chance to know the truth. The e-book is full of illustrations, touched on some mol. biology and some basic genetics. Download your copy and own one from the web site given above.

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